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Lianyungang a chemical co., LTD

Jia a lianyungang chemical co., LTD. Is founded reorganized from lianyungang city chemical industry supply and marketing company,Is located in the new Eurasian continental bridgehead destination——Lianyungang,Close to204、310National highway and even、Fen irrigation and other highways,Land, sea and air transportation is very convenient.

Enterprise was founded in1989Years,Covers an area of about7000Square meters,Total assets2000Ten thousand yuan, Employees20More than one。Our company was named the city“Contract keeping promises units”、“Civilized unit”。 The company has a long-term cooperation of supply and marketing channels,Hundreds of operating chemical raw materials,Products have been sold to all over the country provinces and cities。I companies adhering to the“To customer demand as the guidance,Based on the good faith management,Self transcendence,Strive for perfection“The corporate philosophy。

Ms chun-xia zhao, chairman and general manager with all staff sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come to cooperation,Seek common development!

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Industrial hydrogen peroxide application characteristics in different industries

Industrial hydrogen peroxide application characteristics in different industries

Industrial hydrogen peroxide is a leading manufacturer of important industrial chemical products,Also is a kind of very basic of modern productive industrial manufactured goods,In most areas of chemical production usually applied to the industrial hydrogen peroxide,With the development of science and technology production technology at the same time,Industrial hydrogen peroxide has been more and more applied to other areas。Today is for everybody to make a brief introduction of industrial applications of hydrogen peroxide。 Textiles

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Wash the eardrum with hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide can be cleaning suppurative ear inflammation,First to see if your tympanic membrane perforation。It has no holes,Drip into the cleaning can be used!To use3%Hydrogen peroxide,At a time10Ml,Two to three times a day,After the drip5-10Minutes clean dry in a timely manner!If the tympanic membrane perforation,Hydrogen peroxide is satisfied with cotton,Based on cotton swab in the ear rotating way to middle ear inflammation,If you have
On a hot summer,Ethyl acetate to freeze
2016Half year has passed,Ethyl acetate prices keep falling,East park plant device repeatedly repair is essential in the arrival in the summer,Manufacturers offer frequency is low。Ethyl acetate ex-factory price in now4250Yuan/Tons。Market is still in the form of slipping。At the end of June,Ethyl acetate market continued to decline,Earlier this month,Ethyl acetate in the ex-factory price4566Yuan/Tons,Declines in late156Yuan/Tons,The price in execution4
Chemical enterprise safety in summer
The hot weather in summer、The thunderstorm fickle,Many chemical companies because of the lack of safety awareness,Understanding of safety are deep enough,The chemical production some unsafe accidents often occur,Safe production of chemical enterprise easy to pose a serious threat and impact,Cause unnecessary loss to the enterprise,Therefore a sound system of chemical enterprise safety management,Safety precautions。Explosion-proof safe production of the summer、Fire protection、The poisoning、The heatstroke、Prevent leakage、The high temperature、Proof
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