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The phone:0512-86857169
The mailbox:lttex@laiyike.cn
Address:Wujiang city of jiangsu province
   The south area12Building6Number
  Wujiang force too textile co., LTDIs located in the birthplace of China's silk──The beautiful silk history.the,The town is located in the turn of the wu yue,Since the ancient times“Sunrise ten thousand horses,Siad”The honor,She is in the east of Shanghai,North of suzhou,Hangzhou in the south,The traffic is very convenient。
  The company covers an area of25000Square meters,Total assets of more than2500Thousands of dollars,Annual sales of up to3000Thousands of dollars,Now has Japan(Tian jin-ju)Air-jet loom240Taiwan(Under the system of electronic dobby jacquard machine80Taiwan,The extra-width breadth jet40Taiwan),Water jet loom200Taiwan,Tian jin-ju, Japan700The pulp and etc textile equipment2Sets,Belgium, antitrust generators1Taiwan。Company employees400People,Annual production capacity of up to3000Thousands of meters。Companies in expanding the scale of production at the same time......... More and more+
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