01.Why must choose haifeng

As a marketing type site founder,10,000Decorative building materials companies to witness,Haifeng has three big magic weapon,Help enterprise easily raise performance

02.After10Over the years,Only focus on marketing website service

Valuable integrated service providers network marketing!
Fast let site experts set bits for you!
> Positioning consulting service

03.Accurate positioning fashion website experts,The atmosphere,Practical,Beautiful and website design

Haifeng let your products more competitive
  • Jinan jia hui decoration Portal design

  • Jinan wantai decoration design group

  • Shandong jin rich sichuan wood industry

  • Changzhou total decoration

  • Hong Kong tang villa design


Haifeng help you one pace reachs the designated position

>>  Product positioning

Positioning on the world,Allows you to network marketing to win in the beginning

>>  Page design

Web design the beauty is generous、Pay attention to the brand

>>  The user experience

In accordance with the user browsing habits,Convenient for customers to obtain information

>>  Website optimization

According to the standard production to improve search engine baidu、Google and other search engine rankings

>>  Site planning

According to the customer thinking planning content module,Increase customer recognition

>>  Website operation

Using the bait,Attract customer consultation

>>  The marketing effect

Professional data monitoring system,Let the marketing effect in real time

The network marketing how to quick start?Quick?The first thing you have to have tools to make money!
> Site consulting service

04.Haifeng gives you the tools to make money,More to teach you system and the method of making money

Our delivery is not a simple site,Four site,Operation is the core of the system guiding ideology was six points
The decoration profession network marketingNew media companies to detonate the traffic


Hangzhou · Teacher mantzoros syndrome · LengDeQiang teacher

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The decoration profession network marketingEnterprise entire network marketing field strategy class


Hangzhou · Scottweil k teacher · LengDeQiang teacher

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The decoration profession network marketingSpeaking class outfit companies cut in marketing strategy


Hangzhou · Scottweil k teacher · LengDeQiang teacher

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05.To be a good website is only the first step of network marketing

How to let the traffic flow is more accurate,Make inquiries,Let the operation more money,Make websites more profitable
More money


More money

Let the traffic flow is more accurate,Make inquiries,Let the operation more money,Make websites more profitable,Let your website
It is easier to free to baidu ranked the first page

★ Advanced technology platform

★ 7BigSEOTo optimize the system

★ Lock in search engine rankings

★ More traffic,Make you more money

★ Total station keyword optimization layout

★ ProfessionalmetaThe editor of a label

★ Further study of visitors browsing

★ Key filter core positioning



Make more money

The same flow more enquiries,Is higher than traditional web pages20Times,Key filter core positioning,Let the traffic flow
More accurate,Enquiries precision than traditional web site50%

What product、Sell to who、How do you sell ★

The advantage of you、The benefits of customers ★

The empty“Tall”To turn into a real marketing force ★

Attract the enquiry,Let you make more money ★

Six core positioning system lock quickly、Impress your target customers ★

Make more money

06.Help customer to witness6800Companies realize net profit,Deeply100Multiple subdivision industry

They have been profitable,The next will be you?
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07.Make more money More profitable marketing type site

Let the traditional enterprise cattle up on the Internet

08.Common witness

Thank the customer trust and support,Let's go straight from the beginning to now。In the future,We will, as always, to provide professional planning and design services for our customers,For me
The cause of love maintain a high level of enthusiasm and focus,In the market of its own,Give customers and the continuous development of our own……
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